Ania and Bonia in Venice. Watercolours.

Lisa Aschan. Watercolours.

Paige Joanna Calvert. Watercolours.

Still-life with Zoe Tee. Watercolours.

Fiona Willans. Watercolor.

Still Life with Emily. Oils.

Still Life with Catherine Albericci Watercolours.

Catherine Albericci. Floor portrait Watercolours.

Still life with Florence (pregnant) Watercolours.

Sophie Bailey Hine. Watercolours.

The Guatemalan Tortoise. Watercolour.

Memories of Africa  

Jonathan on the Floor (Watercolours)

The Red Carpet (Watercolours)

Large Shoal (Oils)

On the Pond (Oils)

African Memory (Oils)

The Patchwork sample. Watercolour.

Africa (Oils)

Traffic (Watercolours)

Music (Oils)

Thoughts of Africa (Watercolour)

Pond Life. Oils.

Small Shoal (Watercolours)

The Happy Pig (Watercolours)

The Zulu Pot (Watercolours)

The Spanish Pot (Watercolours)

Parade (Oils)

African Dancer (Watercolours)

African Princess (Oils)

Charlottes Foot (Oils)

Bird (Oils)

Soon it will be Christmas in Cairo. Watercolours.

The Blue Floor .  watercolours

Heads. Oils.

Egyptian Dreams. Watercolours.

Dancing Teddy Bear. Oils.

The Red Doll. Watewrcolour.

Smash and Grab. Oils.

You left me hanging here. 1. Watercolours

You left me hanging here. 2. Watercolours

You left me hanging here. 3. Watercolours.