Saltwater.Party(Catherine Albericc) Watercolours.

Saltwater.(Catherine Albericci) Watercolours.

The Accident on the A35.Delphine. Watercolours.

Accident on the A35.Gorski. Watercolours.

After Courbet. watercolours.

The Edge of the Orchard, Watercolours.

The Edge of the Orchard. Watercolours.

The Edge of the Orchard. Watercolours.

Versions of Us.Eva. Watercolours

Versions of Us.The Conversation. Watercolours.

Namibia..The Third Story. Watercolours.

Namibia..The Third Story. (detail). Watercolours.

Namibia..The Third Story.( detail). Watercolours.

Namibia..The Third Story.(detail). Watercolours.

Story 1.The Miracle of the Cow. (Acrylics)

The First Story Detail 2  

The First Story Detail  

Story2.Apotheosis of the Smart Car  Oils.

The Second Story detail 3  

The Second Story (detail). Oils.

The Second Story detail 5  

The Second Story detail 6  

The Second Story 2. Detail.

The Second Story Detail 8  

The Second Story . Detail Oils


The Second Story.Detail 10  

The Second Story . Detail. oils

The Second Story. Oils.

Sirens 3 (oils) Study for the Second Story

Sirens 1 study for The Second Story

Sirens2(study for The Second Story)  

The War on Terror. Oils

Alien. Watercours.

Warrior (Watercolours)

Rude Girl (Watercolour and gouache)

Smash and Grab. oils.

The Devil Probably (Watercolours)

Cornucopia (Acrylic on Canvas)

The New South Africa (Acrylics)

Theseus and the Minotaur  

The Welcome (Acrylics)

Carousel (Acrylics)

The Offerings (Watercolours)

The Summer (Oils)

The Edge of Town (Oils)

The Dawn of Civilisation (Acrylics)

Sorceress (Watercolours & gouache)

The Certain Smile (Watercolours)

She Waits (Acrylics)

Cassandra (Watercolours)

Prophetess (Watercolours)